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Groundbolt Overview

Ground anchors to fix down both mobile and static field shelters and to add security to riding stables

Ground anchors for static field shelters

Static field shelters or horse shelters are often used without a concrete base, thus they can be delivered to site, dropped in place and used almost straight away, a significant advantage with them is that they rarely need planning position. However, gravity alone is not normally enough to safely keep them in place, in addition, if the ground around them is uneven or muddy (often the case in winter) they can sink in at the corners and become lopsided. The standard Groundbolt Erdanker® range is ideal for securing them, the standard range supports the shelter in both directions vertically. Fitting them is quick and easy, just sledge hammer in the anchors close to the structure, either on the inside or the outside, then when almost at ground level and with the tang in the right position, bolt one of the Erdanker brackets to the anchor and screw or bolt the opposite end of the bracket to the structure and the job is done, the brackets prevent rotation and will support both up and down. An entire shelter can be fixed down, in any weather within minutes and at minimal cost. The appropriate anchors are the Erdanker® 50x680 for very hard ground and 50x800 and 50x900 for most other ground conditions.

Shelter on skids with a low profile safety anchor including a rubber cover

shelter with covered safety anchor

Ground anchors for mobile field shelters

Mobile field shelters can be moved around, thus avoiding having the front in mud continually, also where fields are taken in and out of use during the year to allow the grass to grow, however, the most likely reason for using mobile shelters is to avoid the need for planning permission.
For these applications, either JF type anchors or the Low Profile Safety anchors are the ideal solution. Open fronted shelters take on the characteristics of a parachute on its side in heavy winds and if the shelter itself is not fixed, a dangerous situation can quickly develop as many people have found out!
To fit either of these ground anchors, firstly screw or bolt the brackets to the corners, either on the inside or the outside, whichever is more convenient, the brackets can remain on indefinitely, then when the shelter is in position, the anchors are sledge hammered into the ground, through the slot in the brackets and the job is done, the brackets prevent unwanted rotation. To remove them, simply unwind them out, they can be used over and over. More details of the low profile anchors can be found on the Jumps page.

Shelter with Erdanker low profile safety anchors front and back

Horse shelter with low profile Jumpfix anchors

Close up of low profile Jumpfix ground anchor on a shelter

Ground anchors and planning permission.

Where shelters are exposed, most people consider they should be fixed down, the problem is though,  local authorities might then consider the building to be a permanent fixture and require planning permission, this is not a problem if permission is easily obtainable, but in many cases, it isn't. An easy way round this is to use our anchors, if a planning officer visits the site and considers the anchors are fixing the shelter down, simply remove them there and then, unwinding 4 anchors  takes about 5 minutes, it can be done right in front of the officer who is then powerless to use the 'fixing' aspect as a reason for you to remove the shelter. Whether or not you put them back the next day is obviously up to you.

Which anchors do I actually need?

There is quite a selection to choose from, however the following suggestions will satisfy 95% of situations and are the types and sizes used by most contractors:

For very hard ground: 50x660-680,
Normal ground conditions: 50x770-800,
Softer ground: 50x870-900.

If the shelter is unlikely to be moved very often: Use standard Erdanker anchors and D or  C type brackets, alternatively use standard Erdanker anchors and simply make a wooden spacer between the anchor  and the structure, then put a bolt right through the whole lot. If bolts cannot be obtained long enough, use threaded rod (available at low cost in 1m and 3m lengths) and cut to length then use nuts both ends, for a neater finish use dome nuts.

If the shelter may need to be moved, use T505 brackets and bolt or screw them on to start with, then sledge hammer  Erdanker Low Profile Safety anchors through the slot in the brackets. This arrangement allows the shelter to be repositioned any number of times without having to remove the brackets. The advantage of the Low Profile Safety anchors is that they offer a more horse friendly top, in addition, these anchors can be fitted with a safety cover to smooth the top completely if required.

Where ground anchors can help with security

Groundbolt ground anchors in no way replace conventional vehicle security, or the security of having things properly locked away, however they do offer a simple means of reducing the chance of theft in certain situations such as when vehicles and small machines are left unattended in out of the way places - farms, smallholdings, horse stables etc. places where a potential thief would not care about smashing a window. The best deterrent is often the most basic - chain it to the ground. The Groundbolt Erdanker Chaining anchor or Sherman™ anti-theft anchor can be installed in most non surfaced ground conditions in around 2 minutes and will deter all but the most determined thieves.

Why riding stables and livery yards ?

Very often, horses are kept on small pieces of land, sometimes in out of the way places, sometimes on unused land near towns, some have stables attached, some just a shelter, all present a very easy target for thieves. Even livery yards without a house nearby are vulnerable.

When the ground anchors are used to secure a heavy piece of equipment, a trailer or vehicle etc. the chain twisted round prevents the anchor being rotated and removed by unwinding, where lighter parts need to be secured, it may be that the anchor can still be unwound even if something is chained to it by swinging the part round as the anchor is being rotated. Nevertheless, unless a thief comes prepared, he or she will not get the anchor out, also when the anchor has been fitted close to ground level (as it should) it would normally be assumed to be concreted in and thus act as a very positive deterrent. The anchors also avoid things being 'borrowed' or made off with quickly.

Anchoring vehicles

The chain must of course be as short as possible and ideally round a wheel or wheel and axle, this way, even if the thief manages to get the anchor out of the ground, it will still be attached to the wheel and be flailling round as the vehicle moves rendering it virtually undrivable. In addition, if the anchor is positioned under the vehicle, access for a petrol disc cutter is almost impossible.

The short video below uses a strop to demonstrate rather than a chain round the wheel as a demo of the latter could cause damage and/or injury during the demo.


Example of field shelter for Erdanker ground anchors

Example 2 of field shelter for Jumpfix anchors

Open fronted field shelter

Field shelter and stables requiring ground anchors

Removal spanner

Removal spanner for low profile Erdanker anchors

Adding a removal spanner

Optional clip on rubber cover, clips over the T505 bracket.

Cover for low profile anchors
Clip on cover:

Click to add a cover to the basket

50 x 770 low profile safety anchor

50 x 770 low profile safety anchor

Click to add a 50x770LP anchor to the basket

50 x 870 low profile safety anchor

50 x 870 extra length low profile safety anchor

Click to add a 50x660LP anchor to the basket

Click here for the full range of low profile safety anchors

T505 standard bracket

T505 standard Erdanker bracket

Click to add a T505 bracket

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