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 Erdanker­® JF

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Groundbolt Overview

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Ground Anchors for fixing almost anything directly to the ground

Our range of ground anchors and fittings offers probably the best currently available system for securing outdoor products directly to the ground, no concrete or  special tools are needed. All the products are available online from this website, with secure payments by any of the major credit or debit cards.

Where to use our ground anchors

Known variously as spiral ground anchors or helical anchors, the Standard Erdanker® range is used for securing play equipment, small wooden buildings, park benches, sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, picnic tables, rabbit hutches, kennels, street furniture, supporting trees, municipal equipment including bins, seating, clay pigeon traps, tents and much more.

Erdanker® Low Profile Safety anchors are used in large quantities both in the UK and other countries for securing cross country horse jumps and any situation where people or animals could accidentally tread on them.

The Sherman motorcycle anchors are anti-theft anchors, for (unsurprisingly!) securing motorcycles, but a lot more as well; quads, bicycles, trailers, caravans, ladders, mowers, garden machinery. Help prevent; theft from riding stables, caravan theft, increase farm security, even entire vehicles can be padlocked to the ground. For temporary secure points at steam rallies, vintage car and bike gatherings and outdoor events.

The Erdanker® JF range is used for mobile equipment where the brackets are permanently installed to the equipment and the anchors are hammered into the ground through the brackets,  eg. festival signs, field parking signs, display stands at outdoor shows. They are very useful for securing mobile field shelters for horses.

With 4 diameters, a number of length options and a large range of brackets there is an anchor/bracket combination for almost any situation. All are re-usable, very straight forward and quick to install, and simplicity itself to remove if needed. Depending on ground conditions, they can be either screwed in using a bar (or stout screwdriver) or hammered in. Removal is simply by unscrewing them.

All our products are shipped direct from the UK. Note: Prices on the page are the prices you pay, they are NOT plus vat prices, the only extra is carriage.

Construction of the ground anchors and how to install them

For long life, all anchors are through hardened for greater rigidity although for safety, the tang is left unhardened. The design offers extremely high pullout values and the ability to cope with ground conditions that most other anchors, especially those that cannot be hammered in, cannot handle; grass, hard compacted ground, ground with large stones, tarmac, buried bricks, clay, chalk etc. can generally be accommodated with ease.

Demo of Groundbolt ground anchor installation Installation of the Erdanker® type (shown left) is fast and simple: Screw or typically hammer the anchor in close to the structure to be secured, down to near ground level and until the tang is approximately 90deg to the structure, fit the slotted bracket to the anchor and structure - that's it!

Removal if required is just as easy - unbolt the bracket, then using a bar, an adjustable spanner or typically a stout screwdriver, simply unwind the anchor out.

For more information on installation, see the installation page.

Anchor Applications 

Ground Anchors to
support & secure:

 > Sheds, Greenhouses
 > Play Equipment
 > Park Benches
 > Supporting Trees
 > Tents, Marquees
 > Field Shelters

Ground Anchors to
 reduce theft:

 > Motorcycles
 > Trailers
 > Ladders
 > Garden & Farm Machinery
 > Riding Stables

Safety Ground Anchors to secure:

 > Cross Country Horse Jumps

Typical application for ground anchors - garden shed

Example of our Shermans reducing motorcycle theft

Tractor secured with Sherman anchor

Small show tent

These park benches are secured with our ground anchors

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